Baseball and Hope


Baseball and Hope


It was spring and Baseball had started. I went to the Arizona Diamondbacks home opener and found a gentle renewal of hope. Even though they lost, blowing a middle inning lead in the sixth, the rhythms and optimism of the game, especially the first game of the season, were invigorating.

For me, spring baseball has always been about hopeful expectations. Your team may have ended the season in the cellar, but each new season brings new hope. Maybe this year we’ll win the division. Maybe we’ll top .500 for the season. Anything seems possible.

I’ve had a tough couple of months lately at work. I worked harder for less income last year and the winds of change coming out of the ACA and the insurance industry don’t look friendly to the individual practitioner. We’ve had a run of tragic and difficult cases on the trauma service and I’ve lost some of my usual objectivity in the face of it. Things are changing in the hospitals were I work, and not for the better, but I can’t seem to do anything to reverse or stop it.

I really needed a night out, and Opening Day was perfect. The grass was green, the uniforms were crisp and white, the beer was cold and the dogs were hot and all seemed right with the world. At least for a few hours, there was hope. Batter up!

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